Three Models of Embedded Librarianship at ACRL 2011

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On Thursday March 31st, Krista Godfrey, Karen Nicholson and I participated in a panel presentation on three models of embedded librarianship at ACRL 2011. In an unusual twist, we had no convener to introduce us, so we ran the show ourselves. We were playing to packed house, probably due to a combination of talking about a hot topic, and being in an ideal timeslot (10:30am on the first day). Our ‘hook’ was that we were presenting our models as if they were the best, and we were debating each other to prove to the audience, and let them be our jury (plus, a beer was on the line).

One feature that ACRL offered was to print a twitter hashtag in the conference schedule (further reinforced by including it on our title slide). This led to a lively ‘backchannel’ conversation in the audience, which included thoughts, links and notes. A big plus of a twitter discussion is that it allows the presenters to read what the audience is thinking in a way that doesn’t often come across in questions. Furthermore, that ‘discussion’ can be saved and shared (which I’ve done below).
Thanks to all who participated! (And special thanks to those that personally approached us after the talk to say they enjoyed it)

Embedded Librarians: Three Models – ACRL 2011

Twitter archive after the jump.

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    • AC

      Lucky me: at OLA and ACRL, I won the (pleasure, right, honour) to buy the other two a beer. They still haven’t hit me up for it, though.


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