Just Because You Can… Tech Fads in Libraries | OLA Superconference 2013

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By Andrew Colgoni, John Fink and Andrew McAlorum

Conference Abstract:
Thinking about embedding a QR code into your fancy Prezi presentation? We will explore the tech trends of yesterday and today that didn’t quite pan out. Maybe you’ve done research help in Second Life. Or perhaps you’re just starting to pin your library in Pinterest. We understand the allure, which is why we’d like you to join us for a light-hearted poke at tech fads.

When: Friday, February 1, 2013. 9:05am. ICTC Ontario.

Wherein: we lightly jab at Virtual Worlds, QR Codes, Prezi, Social Media, and MOOCs. In the presentation we didn’t get around to Cloud Computing and E-Books/Readers

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