Summarizing Müller’s “My System”

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While visiting Slate recently, an article on a ’15-minute per day’ exercise routine caught my eye (check out the video associated with the article, below). I am no lover of exercise in general; I can abide and tolerate it, but I’ve never left a workout exhilarated or anything. Having said that, I recognize its importance, and so want to find ways to make it part of my routine. Fifteen minutes a day sounds do-able. Here’s the thing about this routine: it was written by a great Dane in the early 1900s. It involves a lot of self-rubbing and contortions. There’s no associated exercise video.

Like many people that read the Slate piece, I was intrigued and interested in trying the routine out. The book, though freely available, is a bit on the dense (and old-timey) side. So, I decided to start summarizing the exercises. More than that, I opened the editing to other readers of the Slate piece. Turns out that there was really only one other person invested in the summarizing task, so between the two of us, we got it done. It’s quicker than trying to read all of the book’s instructions, but not as good as a video would be. Still, it’s a start.

Summary of J.P. Müller’s “My System”

From the Slate article:

8 Responses to “Summarizing Müller’s “My System””

  1. Luke

    Thank you, thank you, thank you. After reading the article I wanted to try this exercise out, but can’t find time to read the book.

  2. Ellen

    Many thanks, also – just trying to print out and manage the physical copy of the book stopped me in my tracks. I can flip through 12 pages while exercising, but not 120!



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