Library Services

As the Services Librarian at H.G. Thode Library of Science and Engineering, I supervise a team of library assistants who deliver front-line services to the campus community. These include borrowing, research help, reserves, and interlibrary loan.



I have been an involved in the Integrated Science program at McMaster University since its inception in 2009. Working with other instructors in the program, we have embedded information and science literacy throughout the four years of curriculum, a foundation to all other course content. I provide instruction in other courses in the Faculties of Science and Engineering, as requested.


Library Marketing

I have a particular interest in library marketing and the use of graphic design in library outreach. I created the website Ad/Lib to showcase library marketing and branding from libraries of all kinds, and from all around the world.

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I have 6+ years of experience in the academic library sector, and during that time have been involved in a variety of work that spans website redesigns, assessment (ClimateQUAL), curriculum planning and development, library outreach and marketing, pedagogical research, and more.



I am committed to developing my expertise a leader, and to demonstrate that through my work. I have participated in ALA’s Emerging Leader program, and ARL’s Leadership Management Skills Institute I. Wherever possible, I take opportunities to mentor new librarians, including co-op students at McMaster and at the OLA Superconference Career Centre.


Professional Activity and Service

As an academic librarian, I have a commitment to contribute to the profession. I am currently a Councillor-at-Large for the Ontario College and University Library Association, a division of the Ontario Library Association. I also regularly present at library conferences across North America.

About me

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University of Toronto Honours BSc. in Zoology: Behaviour flea-beetle University of Toronto Honours BSc. in Zoology: Behaviour

University of Guelph MSc. in Applied Ethology pigs-by-woodleywonderworks University of Guelph MSc. in Applied Ethology

Western University MLIS – Master of Library and Information Science library Western University MLIS – Master of Library and Information Science

Over on Ad/Lib, my website about library marketing

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Branding Basics for Libraries

I was invited to participate (based on my Ad/Lib cred) in a Library Journal webinar on Strategic Branding and Identity Development for Libraries. My bit was on brand basics: what is a brand, why should libraries brand, what does the branding process look like. This was followed up by two speakers, one from Edmonton Public […]

I made a thing: Ad/Lib

I was sitting in a hospital room a few weeks ago (I wasn’t the sick one in this case) and was brainstorming ideas that might benefit the library community, but was yet untapped. I hit on an idea to create a website that focuses on marketing and branding done in/by libraries. Of course, I was […]

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