Kinder, friendlier signage

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As the newly minted Services Librarian, Thode Library at McMaster University, I noticed a few things about the signage around the library. First, it was inconsistent. Some used a template (good!), but many were just words thrown on a page, usually in a random font. Second, a lot of signs were printed out in all UPPER CASE. I’m sure at the time it felt like a good idea, because those upper case letters demand attention. But I think most of us recognize upper case as yelling, and intrusive in a bad way.

So I’ve ventured to create something of an internal standard for this library (though not the whole library system). It uses the Avanir font family, and black, grey and sometimes marooon (McMaster colours). The language is formal, but also conversational.

I’m always open to feedback and suggestions.

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