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What's in my bag

Everyday Carry or EDC, is a thing that people are into these days, where they show off the stuff that they carry around with them every day. There’s blogs and subreddits devoted to these displays (but then again, everything has a blog and subreddit devoted to it). Here’s my EDC.

  • The bag, by Fossil, is just the right size for a small tablet…
  • Like a 1st gen Nexus 7.
  • The phone, also a Nexus, sits in my front right pocket. Wood vinyl skin is from Dbrand.
  • The keys, which I separate into home and work, go in the left pocket.
  • The flashlight is just a cheap thing from Amazon, but quite bright.
  • A few stainless steel pens by Zebra. Heavy, but very smooth.
  • Bamboo sunglasses, which I think was from a Groupon.
  • Monoprice in-ear headphones. Crazy cheap. but very decent.
  • My wood-patterned leather wallet. an Etsy find.
  • Wedding ring.
  • Watch, one of many. This one is a Big Pilot.
  • The keys include a Gerber Shard multitool and a very tiny SOG utility knife that looks like a key. Leather keychain was a gift from my wife, also from Etsy.

What’s in your EDC?


2 Responses to “Everyday (Librarian) Carry”

  1. Dale

    The colour coordination is impressive, and the hue of the photo enhances it well. My EDC is a bet messier because I carry a number of items as a bike commuter that would otherwise not be EDC, e.g.- a mini-pump, patches, spare tube, tire levers, and lights (this time of year). Should I include the pen that I don’t carry in my bag, but have in a folio that goes to every meeting with me?

    • AC

      All that stuff is interesting and telling about a person’s habits. I say yes, include it all.


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